Neocles Case Study - ucomo.
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By driving digital UX & UI ucomo delivered high-end design support that is valuable to neocles their clients their customers to give them the best buying experience.

From web to mobile ucomo delivered a variety of UI solutions to help their customers to order more efficiently.

What did happen?

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User Experience Design

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User Interface Design

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Neocles Clients

Neocles growing list of clients


With neocles, with their continuous innovation and growth ucomo had the opportunity to deliver brand new web features to make the buying experience more personal so the users could reduce the risk for their instore buy-in


As Neocles has grown so are clients and in this day and age we can’t live without our phones. Why would an innovative business like neocles stay behind? ucomo had the wonderful opportunity to re-design and rebrand the current native iOS app to a brand new nativescript app that was released on iOS and Android across the 4 clients where millions of euros are placed every single week.

Make data visible to reduce buyer risk

Neocles is sitting on data... a lot. Why not share it? Neocles helped open up the world for the buyers and sales reps by showing per product what is going on in their stores. Is your t-shirt inbound to you? Do you already have a couple of these shirts recently delivered to your store? And by showing which products are popular in the marked, stores will make fewer mistakes by buying the wrong items.

Getting Those Numbers up!

By innovating and helping the sales rep changing their roles to advisors, dashboards were needed to give 100% accurate data for their changing role. ucomo helped by helping the sales reps and the managers open up their digital world and make visible what is going on?

Shop the look for the most recent brand collections

To show buyers what brands want to sell in their upcoming collections an Instagram story concept was designed to help the users. Users can easily go from look to look and with a single swipe up buy products individually so they can re-stock their stores with the latest styles.

The sweet spot

By putting neocles their platform in the hands of buyers, sales reps their jobs are becoming to be more of a support role. For some brands, this results in hiring fewer FTE’s. Because we put all the power in the buyers' hands instead of sales reps leading the sales.

Is this the end?

Just some facts to share

€50million + is going trough the platform every single week

10k + orders every week placed by 5k + accounts

Epicuro is used international, all continents are known with the platform

There is more!

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