MSP-Navigator Case Study - ucomo.

Ucomo helped MSP navigator set up a new style library, helped with user experience & user interface support throughout the platform

As MSP Navigator was and is establishing the new platform, ucomo supported to restyle and rebrand the platform to give it a more contemporary look and feel, supporting new feature designs and creating design/experience for the most thriving user journeys

What did happen?

Design Library

User Experience support

User Interface support

MSP Navigator?

MSP Navigator is made exclusively for IT Managed Service providers and consists of a smart product catalog, a dashboard to manage your products, and community features that allow you to engage with peers for insights about products, potential assignments, and partnerships.

Besides enabling you to discover and keep track of new and relevant products much faster, MSP Navigator allows you to sell your services for the products you support, alongside the 700+ products in their smart catalog. This enables technology buyers to find you based on location, domain expertise, capabilities as well as your expertise for the products they use.

First things first…

How do you start fresh? Take a shower and start from scratch. So the essential thing is to start with a design library. This will set the tone for future features and it will be an effective way of working and creating wireframes and eventually the final high-quality versions of the designs. Also when implemented correctly with developers it will improve workflows quite significantly.

Digital Driven

In this day and age mobile is an unimaginable device that everyone is carrying around everywhere. That is why it’s super critical to design in a way that is the most efficient and scalable for mobile and web. We at ucomo are always thriving to follow this principle for our web challenges.

It all makes sense

Satisfying compositions, great use of colors, contrasts, and good use of white-space defines good user interface so the end-user does not have to do much effort to know how to handle the platform.

For any user

As great something can look, it has to work and be practical as well. In a lot of cases, the flow or the user experience is an important part of the process. To design any interface we make sure the biggest part of the users can work efficiently with it. With MSP Navigator the focus lies on cards and the different meanings they have. They are prominent yet refined and easy to use on any device for anyone.

“With MSP Navigator the goal was to set-up a professional environment where customers and end-users have the feeling that they use a system that is digitally familiar yet easy to use.”


Marco Bijl

Creative Director - ucomo.

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