Many-Moments-Films Case Study - ucomo.

“The process of putting an image on Instagram is so easy I needed a fast way to fill my portfolio site with new content after I did a wedding or a shoot, just like Instagram has it.”


Esmee Holdijk

Founder - Many Moments Films

Ucomo helped Esmee Holdijk Realise a brand new Porfolio website

A custom WordPress theme that is easily manageable by the customer, in just 10 minutes a brand new page filled with the most wonderful wedding videos and photos or any other kind of content.

What did happen?


Full end-to-end website



Mobile First!

Over 55% is done on mobile, so why not put the focus on where it is happening? Many Moments website is fully responsive making it accessible for anyone. Why make exceptions?


As useful mobile is and can be, there is nothing better than enjoying images and videos on the a big screen so ucomo put a lot of focus and attention to the web version to let the images speak, and the videos talk.


Museum Like

With great use of white space on the detail pages, there is an almost museum feel to the individual image or videos to give the user full focus on what counts

“With Many Moments Films it was essential that she gets the freedom to effortlessly set-up and edit pages to remove the complexity of designing and maintaining webpages.”


Marco Bijl

Creative Director

Looking good everywhere!

With Many Moments Films, a brand was born and with any brand, a style is needed to be recognizable on paper and online.

Is this the end?

Just some facts to share

After go-live, Many moments had a 30% rise in customer inquiries.

With this new portfolio, the rise in Video Weddings requests went up by 50%

On avarage you shoot almost 6 Hours of film that will end up in a ~10min edit

There is more!

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