All About ucomo.

Oh hello! Welcome to ucomo


ucomo is a full serviced high-end digital agency based in Amsterdam. Working hard to create valuable digital design.

The company has been on the market since 2017 and has been working with great and valuable clients for great successes. As the new kid on the block, we are always looking for a great challenge or any new opportunity that will cross our path.

With a great history of experiences, we can offer a wide variety of services and are always open to try and learn something new. ucomo is a full serviced agency that has all connections to help you get to your online or printed result in high quality

We help you


UI/UX, Strategy, and Design. Creating outstanding websites or online experiences is our specialty


We design beautiful apps that will lift your business or experience to a new level.


Your brand is what connects you with your target group, encourages loyalty, and motivates users to use your product. We can help bring your vision to life with beauty and clarity.


What all happens today online is wonderful but offline visibility is and stays important for any business to market themselves. We have the knowledge to help achieve your graphic and offline print work.

Ucomo Principles

Our values are there to remind us of who we are, and what we want to be. They guide everything we do, from our approach to work, to how we treat people. They are intentionally aspirational and aspirationally intentional.

Be Loyal

Loyalty is a 2-way street and we believe in this statement. You ask for help and you will be helped so we can all grow to be better and grow as a team and business.

Be Direct

We believe the best work happens when anybody can speak up about anything at any time. When people are true and open to each other we cut the bullshit out and get the work done quickly and efficiently.

Be Eager

It’s great to learn something new, and stepping out of the comfort zone can be scary but super interesting. Do it sometimes you will become a better human.

Be Respectfull

Everybody is different and the world is a diverse place, we believe having respect for our people and clients and respecting their backgrounds and cultures will result in better relationships around the world and the workplace.

How to be successfull with ucomo

This is our true process that ensures we’re in alignment with the goals of each project. We don’t just make things pretty, we make them work while remaining on target.

1. Discover

2. Strategy

3. Design

4. Build

5. Deliver

The first part of our process is about learning all about your industry.

Next, we determine the best way to strategically meet the design goals of your brand.

The design phase is where we build out the usage guidelines, user experience, and prototype the product.

We’re connected with some pretty talented and creative devs, they’ll get the job done right.

Finally, we package it all up and deliver the product to you. On time and on budget.

Some clients we work with


Many Moments Films


MSP Navigator






Vreemde Ogen


+ More